Comfortable Shoes for Work Standing All Day

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Wearing comfortable shoes for work can make a huge difference in your day. However, finding the best one for men and women can be challenging and hard. Our goal is to help you find a good comfy pair of shoes so that you can breeze through work more easily, increase your productivity and go home with enough energy. Here are some of the good shoes that we recommend.

1. Dansko Shoes

In looking for the best shoe, it is important that you consider how it is constructed. Professionals like nurses are required to stand on their feet all day, walk long hallways, and attend to patients all the time. All the standing and walking can take a toll on their feet. That is why for busy people like nurses finding a comfortable with good arch support  and shock absorbing shoe is really necessary.  These shoes are designed to protect their feet from injuries with needles and other instruments.  They can be cleaned easily.


Dansko Pro XP  for Women Clog

Among the best shoes for nurses that we can recommend is Dansko Shoes Pro XP. These shoes may not shorten the work shift, but they can reduce the strain in the whole body through their unique construction that supports the whole foot- heel, arch and toes. Their rocker bottom and solid arch support also help absorb shock from walking and reduce strain in your back, legs and feet. My relative who is also nurse highly recommends these shoes. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also beautiful on the outside. Because they come in various styles, they can be worn by men, children and women. It is no wonder that Dansko Clogs are a staple in very household as well as professionals such as teachers, doctors and chefs.


Dansko Wayne Slip On For Men

Active professionals who are on their feet all day need shoes that can withstand extreme conditions. They also need shoes that can keep up with their active and busy lifestyle. For chefs, durable shoes that are easy to wear and remove are recommended.  Dansko Wayne clog is made of water resistant leather and slip resistant outsole  that makes it the perfect shoe for kitchen. The insoles are removeable for orthotics replacement.




2. Birkenstock Clogs

Those working at harsh environments such as restaurants may find that they need slip-resistant shoes that can sustain lots of chemicals, grease, and changes in temperature.

ALPRO G 500 Clog

One of the recommended good shoes for standing all day for chefs, restaurant managers and waitresses or waiters is the  ALPRO G 500 Clog. They are durable, slip resistant and provide able shock resistance and grip. They are also built to provide excellent arch support and last wear and tear, and years of extreme use.



 3. Crocs Shoes

Popular among heathcare professionals, chefs, school children, many Crocs shoes are comfortable, carry seal of acceptance from APMA.  They also have special shoes for diabetes and many other foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, bunions and hammar toes.  Here are some of the most popular shoes used by nurese and chefs.

Crocs 12616 Bistro Vent Clog For Men

These are perfect for men chefs because they are slip resistant, cushioned and offer good arch support.  They are breathable due to vents on the sides.



Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Edition Clog

These are also slip resistant, easy to clean.  They are avaiable in black and orange colors.  They are unisex.



Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog

They are made for nurses and they are closed at the back to provide protection.  They are available in white, black and graphite colors.  The outsole is slip resistant.  These shoes provide support, cushion and stability to those who work on their feet all day.




Crocs 12935 Tummler For Men Work Shoes

These shoes are also popular in resturant industry and healthcare workers due to slip resistant outsole.  They are lightweight and odor resistant.  These shoes are also ideal for boating and hicking,


4. New Balance Shoes

New Balance 928 Women Walking Shoe

Another comfortable work shoes for women is the New Balance Women’s 928 Walking Shoe. Women may find this shoe really soft and comfortable to wear due to is superb cushioning while its compression-molded EVA midsole offers reliable support and stability. This shoe is great for women who walk around a lot!


New Balance 928 Men Walking Shoe

Men who are looking for the same level of comfort and stability may also find this in the Men’s New Balance 928 Walking Shoe. It has the same cushioning and midsole support as the women’s version of the shoe as well as a versatile slip-on construction so that you can easily wear and remove it before and after work. This shoe also features a well-engineered design that makes walking on uneven terrain much easier.



5. ECCO Women’s Togel  Vibration II Sneaker

People who need to be active at work also need shoes that can keep up with their energy. Shoes made of leather and fabrics, such as the ECCO Women’s Vibration II  Sneaker, are recommended to help outlast wear and tear made by too much walking. They  features a removable microfiber-covered EVA insole to provide underfoot support and cushioning that is great for always walking around. This sporty shoe also has lightweight polyurethane sole that offers a good grip without the added weight as well as a toggle lace closure system for convenient wearing and removal so anyone can wear this shoe in a snap.


4. Stylish and Good Shoes for Standing All Day

Comfortable work shoes for women and men need not out of style. Here are some of the best shoes for standing all day which we find to be both stylish and comfortable to wear.


Women and men who want to find comfortable shoes for standing all day, but do not want to sacrifice style might also want to check out Birkenstocks Unisex Shoes. These shoes are created to follow the foot’s natural shape and contour for optimum comfort and support. Plus, each of their shoes has a deep heel cup to ensure proper distribution of the weight and alignment of the foot. They also have various foot bed options to provide levels of support.


Young women who are looking for the best shoes for standing may also want to buy TOMS Women’s Canvas. These shoes are so lightweight that you can wear them without socks. They are also guaranteed eye-candies because of the many different styles and colors available. Most of all for every pair your purchase, TOMS will also give a pair of shoes to a child in need, so buying this shoe will not only help you, it will also help another person.  Toms shoes are most popular among the school children.



Clarks Women’s Lucena Sandal

For those who would rather wear sandals for work, we recommend the Clarks Women’s Lucena Sandal. Its wedge midsole is lightweight and can help reduce step shock as well as manage the overall weight of the foot, whereas its thick sole offers added height while also giving ample support.





Clarks Women’s Leisa Truffle Sandal

You can also check out Clarks Women’s Truffle Sandal if you rather look for sandals that are easy to wear. This slip-on sandal has an Ortholite foot bed that guarantees all day comfort as well as a Bendables technology that helps maximize flexibility under foot.




Skechers Men’s Go Walk Rookie Shoe

Men need not also sacrifice style for comfort. There are also good-looking and comfortable shoes for standing, walking and running such as the Nike Men’s NIKE FREE RUN 3. This lightweight shoe features a supportive, skin-like fit as well as a flexible yet stable construction for a more natural stride.

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