SAS Women Walking Free Time Comfort Shoes

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In this review, we are going to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite comfort shoes for walking, the SAS Women Walking Free Time Comfort Shoes. Our aunt has been personally using this footwear for long hours at her work and she loves them! The shoes are most comfortable and great at helping reduce back and knee joint pain due to long hours of standing, but they can also offer a lot of other benefits. Let’s take a look.

The San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS) has been among the leaders in creating excellent leather footwear since 1976, and at the top of their list is the SAS FreeTime for Women and Time Out for Men (separate review available).

The SAS Women Walking Free Time Comfort Shoes is made of full leather construction and is available in neutral shades. We find that the style of this footwear is not only great for walking and long hours of standing, but is also- because of its neutral construction and leather material- great when paired with slacks of various colors such as bone, teak, navy, black, and white. It’s not very often that we can find most comfortable and dressy work shoes for women such as the SAS FreeTime and it also has a pack of features to boast.

For this SAS Shoes review , we are going to look at it in various areas: sizes and width, cushioning, toe box, and insole.

SAS Women’s FreeTime comfort shoe

SAS Women's FreeTime comfort shoe

We are pleased to discover that the SAS FreeTime Comfort Shoe comes in various sizes and width. There are slim to wide sizes, including a WWW width in black. The cushioning of this footwear is also exemplary. The shoe is great for slow walking and standing. Our friends love walking in these shoes! What also makes these shoes comfortable is their wide toe box. The SAS Free Time Comfort Shoe has a rounded toe box with enough space to move your toes, plus added depth in the forefoot gives more room. Why is a wide toe box important? Well, we have tried shoes that squish our toes together, and they are just painful. You can really feel the difference that a wide toe box can make.

We also find that these shoes are also stable. They have a wide wraparound heel to keep your ankles straight and well-balanced. This and the extra layers of soft cushioning on the shoes are the best parts of the shoe. But we also like that these soles have a removable insole to offer space for orthotics or braces. The insoles can also be washed from time to time and can be easily replaced with new ones sold by SAS once they wear out.

These shoes are recommended by orthopedic doctors, podiatrists and the American Diabetic Association. Of course, if you are going to ask our aunt, I bet she recommends them too. So for ladies who want to wear comfortable shoes for work, then you might want to purchase these shoes. They are available at Amazon now, so make sure to check out the available styles and colors there.


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